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2017-01-20 22:52:22 by SuperSpark


In light of today's events, early this morning I did something I've been internally debating for nearly 2 years: I decided to launch CiviSpark, a Blog for Social Change.

Among all my other creative work, I want to use CiviSpark to discuss, educate, and express opinions on politics and social issues to soothe my writing itch and address many issues I think are important. In the future, I'm hoping to use CiviSpark to deliver original researched articles, editorials, and educational content about political systems.

I'm very happy for your support with my creative content and am dedicated to creating even more art this year. I hope you can accept CiviSpark as yet another part of my creative platform so we can discover even more about our world together.

I don't post on Newgrounds very often so the best way to follow this blog should you be interested is to check it periodically or follow me on Twitter, Patreon, and Facebook, where I will post about updates.

Also don't forget to watch Obama Out!


Obama Out

2017-01-19 14:45:06 by SuperSpark

My first new animation in a long time. A quick little animation of how I imagine President Obama might feel on the last day of his Presidency. He's had to deal with A LOT of crap...




2014-06-18 03:13:37 by SuperSpark

I haven't made a post on here in a while. I've moved on to many other things rather than making flash animations in the past few years, but I still remember starting off at Newgrounds. So what have I been up to all these years since?

For starters, I graduated Ryerson University's New Media program last week. It feels surreal. I've quite literally had the dream of going to University since I was about 3 years old and always used to tell it to people as a child and write that in those little kindergarten journals. Now I've graduated Univerity and its hard to really let that sink in, even a week later. I'm still at Ryerson for the next year seeing as I'm starting a Masters in September, but it still feels weird and it won't be the same since most of the people I knew will be gone. Guess I'm gonna have to meet new people.

I did make a new animated short about graduating called Gradvolution, so you should check that out.

Of course I'm still making comics as well on my Spark Comics website, so you should look at that too if you like.

Other than that, I've been up to a lot of things. Making comics, interactive art, games, organizing a game development club. All sorts of stuff. I'm hoping to eventually return properly to do animation, but for now I'm doing a whole bunch of things. To see more of my work over the past few years, go to my portfolio site at

Have a Sparktacular Day! :)

The First Day on Newgrounds

2012-06-27 03:13:26 by SuperSpark

Whew! I have not been on Newgrounds in a long, LONG time. I've been much too busy with other things, be it classes or my weekly webcomic on, though since it's summer, it's mostly the latter and a few other things. In any case, I've been too busy to make any worthwhile animations as of late, which pains me since I want to make some.

In any case, I have FINALLY uploaded my most recent animation from last year, The First Day, onto Newgrounds. I've always wanted to put it on here, but I haven't really had the chance since Newgrounds didn't accept videos back then. However, thanks to Newgrounds updates and certification from the wonderful Tom Fulp, I'm now able to upload it here and I'm very proud to do so.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you like my stuff, be sure to keep up with my work at! :)

The First Day on Newgrounds

Happy New Year!

2012-01-03 02:53:01 by SuperSpark

Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you all! :)

2011 is behind us, with leads us to 2012, the "OMG WE'RE GONNA DIE" year (Or so some people think). Personally, I don't quite believe the 2012 stuff they keep talking about, though I will admit this will be a crucial year in History due to many reasons; like resource depletion, natural disasters, SOPA, the US election, and the fact that there are 7 billion humans on Earth. 7 Billion is a rather staggering number, even I have to wonder if the Earth can support so many of us, but I hope we don't have another war break out since the past has pretty much shown that it's been a way to kind of keep human populations regulated and we haven't had too many big ones since WWII, and I'm glad we haven't.

In any case, 2011 is gone and for once I am sad about it. Normally I welcome a new year since previous years have never really been good to me and the cycle always repeats itself. However, for once, I have to say that last year wasn't bad at all, in fact you could say 2011 was the best year of my life so far. I met countless new people in University and made a some great friends. I achieved several worthy accomplishments, including making "The First Day" animation and starting ( Heck, I even got my first real job, working at the University; no amount of psychic mumbo jumbo could've seen that in a crystal ball. While I started University in 2010, 2011 is my first full year there which is pretty exciting to me since I love Ryerson. At the same time 2011 seemed way to short for me. High School was a bitch and it felt like I would never get out of that rathole and now that I'm enjoying myself in University, I can't believe that I'm already half way through second year when it feels like I'm only half way through the first.

I'm hoping 2012 will be as rewarding as 2011 was to me and hopefully I will actually stick some of my many resolutions. Classes start back next week and I very much look forward to it and all the new things this next semester has in store for me. :)

SOPA Vs. The World

2011-12-15 15:07:36 by SuperSpark

Today, Congress is debating and finally voting on SOPA, the dreadful bill that will literally destroy the internet as we know it. While it is kinda boring for the huge struggle that it is Congress is nice enough to livestream it (something SOPA is ironically against) live from congress. rk_12152011.html

It's a long and boring stream of idiots who have no idea what they're really doing... Or they do, but they don't care since the Entertainment companies are paying them. I've been having it running in the background for the past 2 hours, and it looks like it will go on for several hours more. I am confused about due to my unfamiliarity with American law and legal terms. I'm more familiar with Canadian law and processes. Not exciting by any means but I recommend you check it out.

All you have to do is click the "Watch Video Webcast" option to download a file. Then open that file with a video player, like VLC or anything else.

If you're not interested in that sort of thing, you can look at this funny webcomic that shows what SOPA will really do.

The End of First Year at Ryerson

2011-05-02 16:20:28 by SuperSpark

Well, it looks like my first year of University is over. I'm actually quite sad, to be honest. Whereas I couldn't wait for any sort of break or relief from the, mostly, dreadful years in School previously, University has been better than I ever could've dreamed. Of course, it doesn't mean everything beyond perfect, but it was so much better than High School and all that came before it, and that's all I really ever wanted.

University enrollment has been my dream since I was a mere child and something I've always strived for. I didn't know what I would go into, but I always wanted to go to University. It's still hard to believe I've actually made it here and I'm now a year into it. I've met hundreds of people this year, many who's names I unfortunately can't remember. I enrolled in Ryerson's Image Arts - New Media program and the people I met I can never forget. The people I met were all unique individuals. There was no cliques or constant pressure to become a matched set or be like THEM, no people constantly looking at me like I'm some kind of monster, no one showing complete prejudice despite not knowing who I am or bothering to find out. Everybody I've met, with VERY few exceptions, actually knows the meaning of maturity, a quality that has been few and far between when examining most people I've previously met. Yet, everyone is there own person, with there own personalities, stories, and charisma. We all, and myself especially, had to overcome the stranger barrier and quickly got to know each other, making friends and contacts with each other.

I learned a lot in my first year. The Professors were fun and engaging. Even though I didn't expect it, a lot of them actually care about your situation and give you advice and help. One of my professors was so impressed with presenting my last 3 Spark Comics in my Final Visual Studies Project that he is now going to hound me to make one every week, which actually makes me feel more confident and I've actually got a lot of ideas since that happened last week. I'll be busting out a new one later this week, hopefully. I was happy to finally start learning stuff I was interested in, even if it wasn't at all what I was expecting to learn, and welcomed the hard work with open arms (Even if the amount was peanuts compared to some programs like science and engineering). I only had issues with a certain project for one class, which I'm not going to talk about, but people who know me know what it was, that really pissed me off and frustrated me, but other than that, I was happy all year.

I consider myself a living testament that you don't need to go party or get hammered at any point to have fun. I haven't done either of those things. I've just had fun going to class and seeing people. That was my fun and I'm extremely happy to have met all these people this year. I am truly sad that the year is over, but I'm extremely thankful for all that's happened in the past few months. I've become more confident and have found inner peace and that's all I've wanted. I can't wait to start back up in September.

To anyone reading this, I want to assure you. If you have problems in your life, hold out for the future. It can be brighter than you could ever dream.

P.S. Today's the Canadian Federal Election. Having turned 18 this year, it's my first time voting. It will be quite momentous for me. But ignoring that, all Canadians should go out and vote!

Heyo! A few weeks ago some friends and I entered into Ryerson's 24 Hour Image Arts Competition. It was awesome! We had to make something in 24 Hours that would match a theme they'd reveal at the start of the competition. The theme was Ring Around The Rosie. So we spent all night at Ryerson (Literally ALL NIGHT) getting something done... and then fooling around because we finished early. It was fun and was the first time I've spent all night at a school or stayed up for 24 Hours straight. We didn't win but it was an amazing experience I'd definitely want to do again.

Here's a video of our group's project created by friend and fellow team member, Evin LaChance.

The First Day Video Project

2011-02-27 02:45:40 by SuperSpark

I had a 1 minute video project due for a class a while back. Rather than film something basic like everyone else, I was stupid and wanted to do something intricate. The due date's past, but I was allowed an extension which was good since I suffered a bunch of technical issues with the film. A few days ago, I finished it and now it's finally done.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The First Day. Featuring music by Konstantino Kapetaneas and starring the lovable Shad.

On Youtube

On Vimeo

The beginning of a Sparktacular Year!

2011-02-20 21:09:30 by SuperSpark

Whoo! Long time since I've updated here. Been busy with other things and posting in other places.

Lately, I've been fantastic. Besides getting sick from food poisoning one day thanks to one of my assignments, my life has literally never been better.

The new year has been working out beyond great for me so far. I'm learning alot, meeting plenty of new people and just having a complete and utter blast at Ryerson. Recently, I was approached because, allegedly, someone wanted to put my Ronald McJoker picture in a book for some reason. After some consideration, I sold the image's publishing rights. Despite what you may think of that in terms of it being a good or bad idea, understand that I'd never had someone pay me for my art before, this was my first time someone wanted to pay me for... anything really.

Also, I GOT MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3!!!! Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, even though I'm not super great at it and I've been super stoked to get Marvel Vs Capcom 3 since the day it was announced. Currently rocking with Spider-Man, Captain America and Ryu/Dormammu and that team is doing really great. I love fighting games but until about a year ago, I just mashed buttons instead of bothering to learn how the hell I just did whatever just happened. I'm actually going to take the time to try and learn this fighting game. I got the Special Edition with the comic, a tin and a few extra goodies. The only thing I'm disappointed with is the Arcade/Story Mode. When they announced the game they kept saying it would have a deep story, but there is absolutely none whatsoever. The only story is, "Hey, let's beat up those guys!", "OH FUCK GALACTUS!!!", "Hey I beat the game, let's see what this character does afterwards." There really is no story. The comic does a really sad job to reinforce that there is a story since even the characters have no clue what's going on. Oh well, the game is spectacular nonetheless and I love it!

I had a project going on late last year and was accepting auditions for it. The project still exists, I just put it on hold because life is getting in the way and I want to concentrate all my energy on my studies. I'll probably get back to it during the summer break or at least start development during this week since it's reading week.