Entry #27


2017-01-20 22:52:22 by SuperSpark


In light of today's events, early this morning I did something I've been internally debating for nearly 2 years: I decided to launch CiviSpark, a Blog for Social Change.

Among all my other creative work, I want to use CiviSpark to discuss, educate, and express opinions on politics and social issues to soothe my writing itch and address many issues I think are important. In the future, I'm hoping to use CiviSpark to deliver original researched articles, editorials, and educational content about political systems.

I'm very happy for your support with my creative content and am dedicated to creating even more art this year. I hope you can accept CiviSpark as yet another part of my creative platform so we can discover even more about our world together.


I don't post on Newgrounds very often so the best way to follow this blog should you be interested is to check it periodically or follow me on Twitter, Patreon, and Facebook, where I will post about updates.

Also don't forget to watch Obama Out!



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